Architectural and engineering guidelines
The exhibitors/organizers must plan an event in Trade in Centre Bangalore keeping in view the public safety, free access to public facilities and convinience and safety to property.

•  The layout design and construction should ensure no damage to the hall.
•  Arrangements for cleaning of hall and toilets are to be made by the organizer.
•  Clear access to main Electrical distribution boards, emergency exits, staircases,
   service doors, public conveniences and fire safety equipments must be ensured.
•  Minimum width of the public passage should not be less than 3 Mtrs.
•  Two standby generations for general lighting have been provided. However, organizers
   have to make their own arrangements for additional lighting.
•  First Aid/Medical facilities are to be provided by the organizer in the Exhibition Hall.
•  Stall construction should be independent of the walls, columns and roof of the hall.
•  Electrical conduits, cables, fixtures, air-conditiong/ventilator grills should not be used
   for hanging exhibits.
•  Additional precautionary fire safety implements like fire extinguishers etc., are to be
   provided by the organizer.
•  Safety of workers inside the Exhibition Complex shall be the responsibility of the
•  All electrical wiring work will be carried out only by licenced Electrical Contractor.
•  Violation of these guidelines will attract fine/removal of stall at the risk and cost of the
•  The organizer will submit the layout plan to the Managing Director, for seeking approval,
   well in advance.
•  The organizer will ensure the removal of packing boxes, unused display aids, handling
   equipments from the hall before opening of the Exhibition.
•  The organizer must remove all abandoned materials from the premises after the
   closure of the fair. In case of non compliance, then organizer shall be billed for removal
   and disposal of the same.
•  No material will be allowed to be taken in and out of the exhibition complex by the
   organizers without in and our passes issued by authority.
•  In case of any dispute or difference of opinion, the decision of the would be final and